3/ Ireland

People in Ireland are interested in gambling, both sports betting and table games. They have various possibilities to enjoy their favorite games of chance. However, the interest in placing bets has caused a loss of $588 per person annually.

The Irish government is amending the regulations to prevent the problem gamblers, reduce the losses, and create a healthy gambling environment to its citizens.

4/ United States

Las Vegas is the hub of casino games in the United States. Along with it, many states in the United States legalized the gambling, making the country become one of the biggest gambling markets in the world.

Poker is the most famous game in the United States with the highest number of American players. It is followed by casino games and sports betting.

Since the introduction of legal online gambling, people are keener on online casinos than the land-based ones. With a 3.43% annual growth, the gambling revenue in the United States reached $109.7 billion.

5/ Singapore

As an attractive and beautiful tourist destination, Singapore is a fresh name in the list. This island is described as a gambling hub for tourists. It has several resorts and clubs which offer tourists casino services.

To protect the residents from addicting gambling, the Singaporean government has imposed a high entrance charges in land-based casinos for visitors. Since the first casino was introduced in 2010, the gambling industry in Singapore has been grown remarkably.


All localities in Canada have their own gambling regulations. Low loss rate and the flexible policies make this nation become one of the good choices for casino players.

British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta have the highest number of casinos in Canada and also contribute the highest amount of betting revenue to the nation. However, as most of the other nations, Canadians have deviated toward online gambling in recent years.

Sports betting, casino games, and electronic gaming machines are the most popular games in Canada. In the first quarter of this year, Canada earned $273.8 million in revenue from the gambling industry, down from the previous year’s figure due to the suspension of all gambling activities on the COVID-19 pandemic.