Where’s the best poker table seat? 

Your seat is an important consideration, too. If necessary, it’s better to stay on the left side of the loose and violent players. And then with the majority of hands, you would have an edge over them (acting after them). You should watch them in motion before you make a decision and you can consciously monitor the scale of the pot. 

It would also be more helpful if the players are close (tight) or have a basic play on the left side of you. Then even though you don’t really have a place around them, you rarely have to encounter uncomfortable circumstances in front of them.

Some experience in choosing an online poker table 

Besides the simple stats lobby provides, here are few ideas to help you get a nice poker table

#1. Pay heed to the amount of chips on the player 

Strong and winning players often improve their advantage by keeping the full number of chips on the table. They switched on the role of buying more immediately when they lost money to still have 100 bb (maximum chip count at most regular tables). Whereas poorer players appear to put in fewer and do not immediately purchase more when their chip count decreases.

#2. Choose the right time for the day to play

If you’re playing on international platforms like PokerStars, 888poker… the night is the highlight of the day and the fish is the most. Since it’s a night in European countries when amateurs come home from work and start having fun playing poker. This is an annoyance, but there is no trouble, at all. You need to accept that if you want to make money from online poker.

#3. Choose your poker deck 

The overall level of online poker players is not the same. The largest platform isn’t always the only way to make money for you. But several players accept that this is not the position with the largest rate of fish or the softest tables. Perhaps you need to keep an eye on less popular sites. You’ll actually be shocked at the amount of fish as well as the overall level of competition there.