Choosing an online poker table is the way you pick your foe. It directly influences the outcome of your game and the earnings of poker (EV). In fact, table selection is possibly one of the most valuable skills that a poker player needs. But most of the young poker players don’t mind it-they’re sitting at any table without understanding the quality” of it. 

This article will provide you with the fundamentals of table selection and some of the best table-selection encounters of online poker

The selection of the table is based on poker floor statistics

The two most critical parameters you need to take note of are P/F (Plrs/Flop) and Average Pot. They’re going to help you search beneficial tables.

Plrs/Flops is the total number of players playing Flop per hand. It tells you whether your table is sturdy or fragile (tight or loose). The higher the number of Flop views, the better it is. This high number means that the players at that table have less options of the starting hand and the risk of seeing more fish rises. Conversely, when this stat is poor, it means that the table is made up of solid players, only watching the flop with firm hands. 

Average pot is the average stake per hand. It indicates implicitly if the players on the table are ready to put money in the pot. If the full hand plays solid, much of the pot can be won either before the Flop or the Flop, so the average stakes are not high. However a lot of bets prefer to pursue the fish so that the pot is typically larger. But this is a fairly accurate indicator that a table may have fish or an easy board to play.

Combining 2 stats of Plrs/Flop and Avg Cup, you’re going to have a really nice way to find valuable tables. If the table with both stats is very high relative to the other stats, odds are you’ve found a really nice poker table!