The Club



The club normally hosts two major flying events each year in support of the Southern Area BMFA and other events in the South are actively supported both on and off the flying field.

In 2004 the GBRCAA held an event at Winchester for the first time. a great success, blessed with good weather.

Scale Day

This Southern Area BMFA event is usually held at the WMAC flying field. There is always a truly wonderful turnout of superb scale models ranging from the ultra modern toWW1 biplanes. A concours contest is normally held where judging is by concensus vote. The flying is regularly supported by about fifteen pilots from various clubs, WMAC pilots always give a good account of themselves and carry away some of the prizes.
View of models before prizegiving on Scale day

The mass launch on Electric Fly in day

Electric Flight Day

This, the second Southern Area BMFA event is held during May or June. The event has been well supported for many years normally enjoying fine weather. More of a ' fly in ' than a contest, one of the highlights is the mass launch where many models are launched together - last one down takes the honours. The 2000 event enjoyed such excellent weather with thermal activity so strong that two models were lost out of sight upwards.

Balsa Brain

Definitely off the flying field, this is an evening event where Southern clubs compete in an aviation themed quiz. Between eight and twelve teams usually compete for the coveted shield.  WMAC were the 1999 winners and therefore hosted the event in 2000 as is the tradition.  .  The 2000 winners were Waltham Chase. Portsmouth and District ( PADMAC ) won the 2001 event. Lee Bees won in 2002. Winchester again won in 2003. The 2004 contest held at Fair Oak ( incidentally the 22nd consecutive year ) was won by PADMAC in a closely contested final with Lee Bees. The event is now organised by the Southern Area BMFA along the lines of a pub quiz (rather than the "University Challenge" style of the past) allowing greater participation..